Mortgage loan repurchase

Examples of credit redemption

The Cabinet Ficamont Finance Conseil puts at your entire disposal its advisers specialized in repurchase of credits, to allow you to assemble your file of consolidation of loans in all serenity and to be able to benefit from the most advantageous offer of the moment. Discover 2 examples of credit redemption.

Example 1: repurchase of credit for tenant

Example of tenant loan repurchase M. FLOUET is a tenant of an apartment located on the outskirts of Marseille . He had to call on several credit organizations to settle in his new home (household appliances, interior equipment, etc.). He also took out a car loan in order to buy a vehicle and be able to go to his place of work, because his car no longer met technical control standards.

However, the payment of his monthly rent and the accumulation of monthly loan payments stifle his purchasing power and no longer allow him to finish the end of the month peacefully.

He therefore inquired about the repurchase of credits , an operation which consists in grouping all his credits into a single loan.

Mr. FLOUET contacted a consultant specializing in loan repurchase in order to be able to reduce his monthly loan repayment charges. He called on the services of Cabinet Ficamont Finance Conseil via the website.

After the study of his file by a specialized financial advisor, Mr. FLOUET benefited from a repurchase of credit and a global loan including all his loans. A single monthly payment now allows him to find more flexibility in his budget and to end the end of the month without worry.

Example 2: repurchase of credit for an owner

Example of repurchase of owner credits Mr. and Mrs. DURAND have two children, Tony and Sylvie, and are owners of their accommodation located in Toulouse. In recent years, they have taken out several loans to buy their house, but also to replace one of their vehicles, finance the university studies of their eldest son Tony, as well as for other projects.

Today, they want to install a veranda to improve the comfort of their living space.

They contacted an Ficamont Finance advisor. After an analysis of their needs and their financial situation, the DURAND family was able to benefit from a loan repurchase grouping all their loans into a single loan , allowing them to have only one single monthly payment to pay.

This repurchase of loans with an allocated cash flow allows Mr. and Mrs. DURAND to finance their new veranda installation project.

Like the DURANDs, you are the owner, do you want to do work and reduce your monthly payments ? You too can request a free and confidential study , one of our advisers will call you back to answer your request for information!

Mr and Mrs GIL: project to acquire an apartment in Spain

Focus on the main lines of Ficamont Finance solutions

Mr and Mrs GIL, 51 and 49 years old, married 3 children including 2 dependents of 18 and 14 years old.

  • Employees, Net income $ 2,235 and $ 1,920 / month
  • Owner of their Main Residence, value 350 K €,
  • Credit in progress: Land purchase + construction CRD $ 19,000, Home work: € 16,000, Car: € 9,000, and 2 Consumer Loans for $ 4,000
    Current debt 35%

Their project:

  • Acquisition of an apartment in Spain: purchase price 69 K €

The financial package:

  • Purchase price 69 K €
  • Repurchase of loans in progress for 49 K €, 20 K € of cash (10 K € for the financing of the higher studies of one of the two children, 5 K € to fit out the apartment and 5 K € in comfort cash

Funding :

  • Loan of 149 K € over 21 years, fixed nominal rate 1.85%
  • Monthly $ 713
  • Debt after transaction 17%
  • Residual of approximately € 3,400
  • Guarantee on the main residence in France

Mme FRANCOIS: acquisition project of an apartment by the sea as a main residence

Mrs FRANCOIS, 74 years old, widow, retired

  • Net income $ 2130 / month
  • Owner of a house worth 60 K €
  • Current credit: Car $ 9,400
  • Current debt 12%
  • No personal contribution

His project :

Acquisition of an apartment by the sea: purchase price 85 K €

The financial package:

  • Purchase price 85 K €
  • Agency fees 7K €
  • Provision for transfer costs € 7,000

Funding obtained:

  • Loan of 117 K € over 20 years, fixed nominal rate 1.85%
  • Monthly payment $ 585
  • Debt after operation 27%
  • Residual of $ 1,545
  • Guarantee on the main residence and the property by the sea

The client was able to obtain financing for the acquisition of real estate as a new main residence, without having to resort to the bridging loan. She can sell her property without haste.

Mr and Mrs THOMAS: second home acquisition project for an Apartment in Virginia + Works

  • Mr and Mrs THOMAS, married, 41 and 43 years old, both manager, 4 dependent children (5, 5, 10 and 16 years old)
  • Salary Mr $ 5,600 / Ms $ 3,700
  • Owner of 2 rented apartments $ 460 each (CRD of 180 k € for 994 € / month (not included) and 53 K € for 640 € / month.
  • Owner of their PR, Value 290 K €
  • Current credits: Real Estate 83 K € and Monthly installment $ 1,820, Car loan 38 K € monthly installment $ 810, Works loan 14,500 K € monthly installment 510 $
  • Current debt 40%

Their project:

Acquisition of an Apartment in Virginia + Works: purchase price 446K €

The financial package:

  • Purchase price 446 K € including 7 K € agency fees
  • Works 35 K € (plus 4 K € of free cash)
  • Provision for transfer costs 33 K €

Funding :

  • Loan of 708 K € over 30 years, fixed nominal rate 2.45%
  • Monthly payment $ 2,804
  • Debt after operation 35%
  • Residual of € 6,864 / month
  • Guarantee on the main residence, the purchased property and one of the two rental units

Mr RUELLE: project to acquire SCPI shares

Mr RUELLE, 64 years old, wishes to buy shares in SCPI

  • Retirement $ 2100, rent received € 435 / month
  • Owner of their PR, value 240 K €
  • Owner of a rental property, value 105 K €
  • Current credits: Real Estate CRD 51 K € monthly $ 897, Car loan 4 K € monthly $ 140
  • Current debt 42%

His project :

Purchase of SCPI shares: purchase price € 75,000

The financial package:

  • Purchase price of SCPI shares 75 K €
  • Repurchase of outstanding loans for € 51K and € 4K

Funding obtained:

  • Loan of $ 138,000 over 15 years, fixed nominal rate 1.55%
  • Monthly payment $ 865
  • Debt after operation 35%
  • Residual of 1583 € / month
  • Guarantee on the main residence

Mr and Mrs POULAIN: project to set up a PINEL-type tax exemption plan

Mr and Mrs POULAIN, both 50 years old, married with 2 dependent children.

  • Employees, Net income $ 3,598 and € 2,544 / month, rent € 610
  • Current debt 21%.
  • Owner of their Main Residence, value 530 K €
  • Current credit: Land purchase + CRD construction $ 176,908 remaining term 25 years (3.95%), Revolving credit $ 21,500 (14.60%).

Their project:

  • Restructure their mortgage through a loan buyback and finance their PINEL tax exemption project.

The financial package:

  • Repurchase of current loans for $ 176,908 and $ 21,500, € 1K in cash

Funding obtained:

  • Loan of 211 K € over 22 years, fixed rate 1.85%
  • Monthly payment $ 984
  • Future debt of around 16%
  • Residual of approximately € 5,158 / month
  • Guarantee on the main residence in France

The operation enabled customers to reduce the total cost of their credit by repurchasing the revolving credit at a fixed lending rate of 1.85% and by reducing the duration of the mortgage. The wealth management advisor has in THE continuity of operations financed the clients within the framework of a PINEL.

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