Mortgage loan repurchase

Supporting documents for a loan buyback

If the desire is to consolidate credits, then supporting documents must be gathered for the proper constitution of the file.

A complete and well-put together file is easy to understand and quickly processed! (prepare to obtain a favorable opinion)

The nature of the operation requires a complete list of documents to be provided to allow your broker who is an expert in the study of the credit redemption file to establish an in-depth study of your financial situation to characterize the rapid credit redemption adapted to your needs. projects and your repayment capabilities.

Mandatory documents for a grouping of credits

The list of supporting and mandatory documents for setting up a credit restructuring file is divided into six pockets, each of them from different sources and information.


  • National Identity Card (CNI) of the borrower and co-borrower

Family situation

  • Family record book
  • Marriage or PACS contract ...
  • Divorce decree


  • Employees : last tax notice
  • Last three payslips
  • Pay slip December N-1
  • If professional seniority <1 year employment contract
  • Self-employed and company managers : last 3 tax notices
  • Last 3 balance sheets, company status and k bis of -3 months.
  • Nursery assistants: last 3 employer payslips + approval
  • Pensions / Pensions / Annuities : Proof of pensions, annuities and pensions paid
  • Land : rental lease / tax form 2044
  • Social benefits : Supporting documents from the various social funds (CAF, Apl, etc.)

Bank accounts

  • Last 3 months of statements of all accounts (current account, savings and credit card payments)
  • 1 RIB

Current consumer loans and credits, or various debts

  • Last statements (statements) of renewable credits (money reserves)
  • Amortization tables or balance management for early repayment issued by the lender
  • “Family” debt: sworn statement + copy of the creditor's CNI + proof of creditor's address
  • "Fiscal" debt (tax delays ...): Legible certificate of less than three months + contact details and references of the creditor and the debtor

Real estate loans being amortized

  • Loan offer (s) and amortization tables or balance management for early repayment issued by the lender

Housing and accommodation

  • Housing tax
  • Property tax
  • Certificate or title of ownership
  • Last receipt from Edf, telephone or Adsl
  • Hosted free of charge or official accommodation: certificate on the employer's honor or proof of the landlord free of charge.

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