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Frequently asked questions about credit consolidation

To help you better understand how credit consolidation works , the entire Ficamont Finance team has raised the various questions that you may ask yourself if you are looking for “Credit consolidation” type financing.

Why the frequently asked questions on the consolidation of credits?

The aim is to inform and advise individuals on the concrete questions most frequently encountered by our financial advisers and analysts during the examination of client files.

Credit redemption faq This involves obtaining the information necessary for questions on the consolidation of credits related to the processing of a restructuring file.

Many cases discussed which allows people looking for a financial solution, to understand that making a loan consolidation is not automatically the answer to a situation of over-indebtedness.

Indeed, credit consolidation is the solution to many problems that always remain linked to the personal financial budget, but it can be to obtain cash in order to materialize new projects, or even renegotiate revolving credits in amortizable loan with a rate of 'fixed and attractive interest, etc.

Our FAQ about the repurchase of credits

All the information and information provided in the Ficamont Finance loan buyback FAQ is from a reliable and high-quality source, as well as the various examples drawn from concrete cases encountered by our financial advisers and analysts during the day-to-day case studies.

The most frequent questions concern the scale of the rates charged, their fixed or variable nature? What are the different possible financial arrangements, partial loan buyback without guarantee in the form of a personal loan, or grouping of complete consumer and real estate loans of a mortgage nature?

your loan repurchase advisor

Or what is the time limit for studying a file? But also many technical questions related to the specific and general conditions of the prior offer for the collection of credits.

For example, is it possible to make a full or partial early repayment of my loan? Is borrower insurance compulsory? Is it feasible to obtain a cash envelope? ...

A question that concerns individuals quite often, "Am I going to have to change my bank direct debit?" ", Also," Until what age can the subscriber claim to obtain a credit redemption loan? ", Accompanied by the quiz" What is the maximum duration of a credit restructuring? "

Find the answers to your questions by browsing using the menu on the left in the section dedicated to "Frequently Asked Questions".

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