Mortgage loan repurchase

What timeframes for the study of a credit redemption file?

First of all, it seems important to us to underline that a complete file transmitted is a file processed quickly and in good conditions.

The time taken to study a credit redemption file varies greatly from one file to another.

In the case of missing supporting documents, then it is not possible to establish an in-depth study of the client's budgetary situation by not taking into consideration all the information and information necessary for the proper understanding of the request, and those on presentation of supporting documents.

Many factors determine the processing time for a loan buyback request .

Depending on the borrower profile (employee or manager, etc.) and the debt ratio before redemption, but also on the responsiveness of the various actors requested to finalize the study (sending of statements for early repayment of each of the loans to be redeemed to financial organizations , etc), but also the processing time of the customer file may vary according to the different cases!

What is the deadline for setting up an unsecured loan buyback?

The repurchase of unsecured loans is an operation which consists of a repurchase of consumer credits (personal loan) and receivables (revolving credit and reserve of money, or even credit card) in a substitution credit in the form of a personal loan depreciable without guarantee backed by the financing.

Upon receipt of all the documents by the broker service, an in-depth financial analysis without follow-up and the file is submitted for study to several banks specializing in debt consolidation, partners of the Ficamont Finance Conseil network. In other words, after its reception at the agency, the loan repurchase file is processed in the following half-day.

The time it takes for the partner bank to take charge is relatively short. Then comes the return of the bank adviser, a return treated with rigor in order to respond with precision to requests for additional information and additional information. Once the file is complete and well prepared, it is presented to the institution's risk committee for a final decision in order to determine whether a favorable opinion is possible on the financing or name.

It takes an average of three weeks to a month to obtain the release of funds and the good repayment of the various credits.

What is the deadline for setting up a repurchase of credits with guarantee?

The repurchase of credit with guarantee is a financial transaction with mortgage whose loaned funds are backed by a guarantee of mortgage security type.

The process of a mortgage loan consolidation is longer than that of an unsecured redevelopment because it requires the intervention of a notary for the drafting of the notarial deed in preparation for the signing of the offer to buy back consumer and / or real estate loans.

The list of documents to be provided is more substantial than a grouping without mortgage and this because the applicant (s) must attach to the file the title deed of the property (s) of which they have control. property, as well as a copy of the property tax (s). If the building is a construction, then the certificate of completion of the work and of compliance of the housing given as security must be attached to the land title deed.

The processing time for this type of buyback is approximately six to eight weeks.

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