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6 tips for saving money

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While the calendar year is split into four quarters, each time of the year is characterized by specific expenses! We are the last day of September, a month marked by the start of the school year and the end of summer vacation. There is a good chance that the bank accounts will be […]

Ficamont Finance: the power to act on your budget!

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With Ficamont Finance at your side, find today and sustainably the power to act on your budget! Ficamont Finance is heavily involved in the budget management of its clients. To respond favorably to the demand of its clients, Ficamont Finance has decided to react in order to give everyone back the power to act. The power to act […]

How to finance your return to school at the right price?

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The end of the holidays is already here. It's time to think about back to school and all the expenses it entails. Indeed, this time of year is conducive to exceptional charges. The cost of back to school is not negligible, it is better to know the tips so as not to break the bank! Without […]

How to best anticipate exceptional back-to-school expenses?

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Summer is coming and with it the summer vacation season. It is a time of year particularly awaited by households for departures and stays in order to recharge their batteries. However, vacations have a significant cost that can weigh heavily on the household budget. To avoid this, it is essential to prepare […]

Tips to lighten your budget with ease

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In a family, budget management can be complicated. It is nevertheless essential to avoid delicate financial situations. Indeed, in the absence of planning of income and expenditure in a household, it is not uncommon to face bank charges and other fixed bank charges. The end of the month rhymes with […]

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