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Home loan: change insurance

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Remember that since the start of the year two thousand and eighteen, all people who have taken out borrower insurance to cover a mortgage against life risks have the possibility of changing mortgage insurance. Depending on the case, the termination of one credit insurance contract by another can generate up to thirty thousand […]

Loan insurance: something new for policyholders in 2018!

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Since January 1, 2018, all mortgage holders have the possibility to change borrower insurance every year on the anniversary date of the contract. However, in order to assert your rights, it is important to know the conditions of application as well as the procedure to follow to change insurance. The Bourquin amendment: What should be remembered? […]

Life insurance: availability of funds

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The current trend being to make life insurance products that are as close as possible to bank savings products, it is therefore normal for insurers to highlight one of the advantages of life insurance which allows the subscriber to have his savings freely. The growing life insurance market. The advantages […]

The life insurance market: sustained growth

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Rare are the investments that open as many possibilities as life insurance. The diversity of contracts offered to savers and the flexibility offered by its operation make it possible to find a personalized solution whatever the financial objectives. Life insurance: its mechanism First of all, the life insurance contract is deemed to be perfect when both parties […]

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