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New protectionist measures in the USA: the implications for the world economy

Posted in: Economy

Last week, the President of the United States announced his intention to put in place protectionist measures to protect the American industrial fabric. These measures, supposed to protect American companies, ultimately turn out to be real threats to foreign markets. In this tense international economic context, it makes sense to wonder about the consequences […]

Hedge funds: can European financial markets collapse?

Posted in: Economy

In recent months, the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater, has taken a particularly pessimistic position about the future of the European Union. The best-known Hedge Fund on the financial markets is therefore positioned for sale for many shares of European companies. To date Bridgewater is betting a total of nearly 22 […]

Bitcoin: a threat to the banking system?

Posted in: Economy

Since the historic subprime crisis in 2008, a new monetary value system has been found alongside the traditional monetary system and its institutions. Its development is exceptional since the new scriptural currencies take an increasingly important place within the world economic sphere. The one who is talked about the most is without […]

In France we feel the economic recovery more

Posted in: Economy

According to a survey conducted by the company Elabe, which specializes in statistical and strategic studies, more than fifty percent of French citizens feel the recovery of the economy in France. Is it a reality? Is it a simple perceived perception? What is it? The French and the economic context More than half […]

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