Mortgage loan repurchase

Redemption of official credit

Civil servants, who are employees of the civil service , are considered by banking establishments as having good borrowing profiles .

Indeed, the sustainability of employment, characteristic of the public sector, is a guarantee of security for banks or for lending financial organizations, requested in the context of loan financing. As a result, it is not uncommon for a civil servant to have a certain number of credits to his credit, thanks to his ease of borrowing.

Consolidation of consumer loans for an official

The power to borrow from civil servants remains an opportunity when the use of cash is under control. This implies that the full repayment of the outstanding amount takes place, without payment incidents. A repayment capacity should however be preserved to offer guarantees of security in the face of life's unforeseen events. Indeed, unexpected major expenses are sometimes necessary.

The problem most often encountered is that of an excessive accumulation of consumer credit contracts taken out with financial organizations. This can lead to a budgetary imbalance for the borrower: the monthly payments to be honored are too high compared to his budget. This situation can considerably degrade the finances of the household, until reaching an excessive debt, even an over-indebtedness, that is to say personal bankruptcy. In the case of the accumulation of several consumer loans, a consolidation of consumer loans can be beneficial for a borrower in a difficult situation.

Redemption of civil servant credits

We offer, among our loan restructuring offers, a product that responds to the repurchase of official credit , bringing new life to the management of current accounts and restoring good health to household finances.

Loan buyback offers for a tenant or owner

Anyone whose professional status is that of civil servant can claim to obtain an offer to buy back loans , subject to acceptance, after prior study of the applicant's financial situation.

For each housing situation, there is a solution:

  • Tenants, opt for a repurchase of civil servant tenant credit .
  • Owners of real estate, choose an official owner credit group .
  • There is also a loan repurchase for civil servants registered in the files of incidents of repayment of loans to individuals (FICP) of Bank One.

Our credit redemption offers for civil servants are tailored to the needs of consumers employed in the civil service .

The financial solutions we offer thus correspond to a stable financial situation , allowing those concerned to manage their budget with serenity, and to be able, over time, to build up cash flow through the implementation of programmed savings.

Simulation of credit consolidation for civil servants

Are you in a financial situation that risks deteriorating?

Anticipate by acting as soon as you are alerted, by end of the month that are becoming difficult to manage, or by an authorized bank overdraft which begins to be exceeded more and more frequently. The rejections of direct debits and intervention commissions weigh heavily and jeopardize the balance of your bank account, which is already constantly negative.

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