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Home renovation work: aid to individuals

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The government has set up several financial aids for individuals. More particularly with the aim of financially helping the French to carry out more easily home improvement work in their main residence. Home renovation work Energy transition tax credit (CITE) How to benefit from a tax credit representing fifteen to thirty for […]

Real estate investment: easier access to loans

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The economic situation remains favorable to investors who wish to borrow for a real estate investment. Whether in the context of the purchase of a primary residence, for a rental investment or even the acquisition of a second home, the average cost of a mortgage has never been so low. No one knows when the trend will reverse. A fortiori, […]

Real estate investment: these costs that you can expect to pay

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Access to land ownership remains a central project for many French households. Investing in stone is synonymous with security for most savers. If the acquisition of the main residence is very often the prelude to the constitution of a real estate portfolio, the candidates for rental real estate investment are more and more […]

Focus on the zero rate loan (PTZ)

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The zero rate loan (PTZ) is an advantageous financing for the subscribers of a mortgage. Additional financing to the principal loan eligible for first-time buyers. But also, one of the conditions for obtaining the new zero rate loan is the household's reference tax income. Discover our focus on the new revisited PTZ […]

Buy back your loans and finance your real estate project

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The year two thousand and eighteen is undoubtedly a favorable year to complete the acquisition of a property with real estate credit as leverage. Indeed, mortgage interest rates remain extremely low. One of the most important points when it comes to financing your real estate project. Discover the market trend through our press release […]

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