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Discover the Ficamont Finance firm

It is because we live in a consumer society managed by innumerable commercial actors who, by means of commercial techniques, encourage us to consume by calling on credit that the brokerage company Ficamont Finance was born.

The objective of the loan repurchase organization is to help the French to refinance themselves when it is deemed necessary to find a balanced budgetary situation.

Ficamont Finance: a little history ...

Ficamont Finance Conseil (EFC) is a French company specializing in advising and finding financial solutions for individuals, it is a dynamic player in credit consolidation and loan buyback in France.

The status of expert intermediary in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP), as well as the know-how and the in-depth expertise of the Excellia advisers with experience in loan repurchase, offers the benefit of a real guarantee for the good carrying out a banking transaction requiring the connection between a credit redemption establishment and a private customer.

The bank branches give it complete confidence by sending it by recommendation their customers for whom they do not have credit solutions grouped internally.

Ficamont Finance is registered with the FICO (single register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance) under the status of non-exclusive agent. This in order to be able to compare all the offers on the market for its customers.

EFC is an associate member of the French Association of Intermediaries Bancaires (AFIB). The company is part of the Hexafi group, a national network of more than 25 agencies in mainland France.

Consumer credit, credit redemption and Ficamont Finance

The prior supply of consumer credit is deeply rooted in our purchasing habits as a tool to help finance new projects or consumer services and goods, but also as a springboard to obtain sufficient financial capacity to overcome a crisis. hazard of life requiring in an unpredictable way, and urgent, the release of a large sum of money.

Thanks to a complete analysis of your financial situation, your Excellia financial advisor will share with you his knowledge and expertise to lead your credit redemption file to its completion by obtaining a financing plan suited to your repayment capacity.

Your experts at your side to help you consolidate your loans being amortized with the sole aim of rethinking your budget management.

Your experts at your side for constant support!

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