Mortgage loan repurchase

The different consumer credits

In the consumer credit market in France, financial establishments specializing in the sale of consumer credit type products are constantly inventing new financing plans to meet the demand of the French.

Moreover, the consumer loan is present wherever the purchase is possible and that is why we must be vigilant when it is necessary to call on this type of loan.

The different types of consumer credit

You just have to read the contents of our guide to know all the facets :

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit
  • Free credit
  • Rental with option to purchase
  • Affected credit
  • Unallocated credit
  • Microcredit

Obtain liquidity through the repurchase of consumer loans?

Good to know!

Are you looking for cash and you have more than 2 credits in the process of repayment? So it may be unnecessary to accumulate an additional credit which will increase the amount of your monthly charges by opting for a consumer credit buyback !

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