Mortgage loan repurchase

Your repurchase of credits in Virginia

Also called credit consolidation , it is a refinancing formula that allows you to replace all current loans or part of current loans with a single replacement loan contract.

This operation breathes new life into the borrower in the management of his budget, thanks to the calculation of a new monthly installment equal to his repayment capacity.

When to call for credit redemption?

It is advisable to use the repurchase of credits when the authorized bank overdraft is often requested or when it comes to exceeding the authorized overdraft which entails expensive costs that increase your debit.

If your bank rejects you bank withdrawals invoiced 20 € the rejection, or if it refuses you the payments made by checks, for bad check invoiced approximately fifty euros ... then the realization of a credit consolidation operation will allow to correct the imbalance of monthly loan payments that have become disproportionate to the repayment capacity, the repurchase of credits to allow to face the various expenses of the daily newspaper without the bank account being in the red.

Is your current debt ratio greater than 33%? No institution grants you the necessary funding to carry out your project?

The repurchase of credit is also suitable for freeing up cash without increasing the debt ratio. By grouping together all the receivables over a longer period, the debt ratio drops, which makes it possible to regain the capacity to borrow. The advantage of cash integrated into the amount to be financed and the borrower has only one monthly payment to manage adapted to his repayment capacity.

Ficamont Finance, Virginia loan repurchase broker

Your Ficamont Finance advisor is at your disposal to recommend a tailor-made solution to your ambitions!

Your purchase of Virginia credits for new horizons, reduce your monthly payments by up to 60% and take life on the good side by carrying out new projects. in all serenity.

Tired of long Parisian days and the lack of free time to devote to yourself?

We process your study request from A to Z to make the tedious procedures easier. Your loan redemption request online in a few clicks allows you to be called back free of charge by an Ficamont Finance contact .

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