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Ficamont Finance: the power to act on your budget!

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With Ficamont Finance at your side, find today and sustainably the power to act on your budget! Ficamont Finance is heavily involved in the budget management of its clients. To respond favorably to the demand of its clients, Ficamont Finance has decided to react in order to give everyone back the power to act.

The power to act on your budget!

Although each household has a different environment, financial situation or family situation, this does not prevent each of us from finding the capacity to conduct effective budget management. We all have the power to act on our budget by signing up for personalized measures.

To do this, account management must be rigorously maintained over time. The family budget is managed in a different way depending on the composition of the household, as stated in the above-mentioned paragraph. For example, a household with two dependent children must be able to anticipate numerous expenses such as preparing for the start of the school year or financing sports activities, etc.

How to calculate the household budget?

How to calculate the household budget? How to proceed in order to be able to face the numerous expenses generated by a household? The key to all of this is the organization and keeping of accounts with a good father!

Each incoming and outgoing money must be accounted for in order to determine the new bank balance. To achieve this, it is essential to have support for the traceability of operations.

For this, you have the choice between digital by opting for an Excel file as a spreadsheet, or simply buy an account book in order to note the receipts (salaries, rents, etc.) and the expenses (credits, expenses of everyday life, exceptional expense, etc.).

What are the components of the budget?

For better budget management, it is essential to know the different components of the family budget. As indicated in the previous paragraph, there are revenues (resources) and expenses (fixed charges and variable charges).

The receipts, which are the family's resources, are broken down into salaries and financial aid of various kinds. It is any sum of money coming to credit the bank account (s) of the family member (s).

Expenses are recorded as financial charges debiting the bank account. In order to avoid a total loss of control over the budget, it is essential to balance its two components which make up the household budget.

The mistake not to make, living beyond your means by calling on credits. More particularly by taking out loan contracts of the revolving credit type.

Although an income makes it possible to borrow while controlling the risk, an excess of consumption leads to the financial situation of a family in over-indebtedness!

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