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2018 Income Tax Return: What You Should Know Before Completing It

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Like every year, the month of May remains a pivotal period in tax matters. It is time to declare the income received during the year 2017. The tax system continues to evolve. The first constant development is undoubtedly the profound change in the mores of the French. More and more households […]

Budget: A smartphone application to help households manage better

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Managing the family budget is an essential premise to avoid prolonged overdraft situations and excessive debt. If recourse to the repurchase of credit at the best rate is often an essential step, the establishment of a sustainable and efficient budget management is just as much. Yet there are many French households […]

Family budget management, what are the basics?

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The repurchase of credits is undoubtedly the ideal solution to lighten the budget of the households whose financial debt is too heavy. However, there are many households who, after having taken such a step, have returned to budgetary difficulties. Planning the budget management of a household is indeed essential to ensure the prosperity of […]

Savings and loan redemption: how to anticipate the vagaries of life?

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The vagaries of life quite frequently lead us to undertake one or more exceptional expenses such as paying for a new car or undertaking work in the home, etc. So let's ask ourselves the right questions! How to organize your monthly budget in order to anticipate the future? How to straighten out a difficult financial solution in order to make a good start […]

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