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In France we feel the economic recovery more

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According to a survey conducted by the company Elabe, which specializes in statistical and strategic studies, more than fifty percent of French citizens feel the recovery of the economy in France. Is it a reality? Is it a simple perceived perception? What is it?

The French and the economic context

More than half of French people believe that France's economy is recovering. However, we must not ignore the fact that more than a third of them are convinced that the country's economic activity will not pick up again.

Since the report of the Council of Ministers dated August 2, two thousand and seventeen, communicating on a major investment plan, the confidence of the French has gradually increased. An investment plan that targets three essential items of the economy.

The actions carried out are aimed at :

  • To increase job creation and reduce the unemployment rate
  • To activate the agrobiological change of the economic system
  • To significantly reduce the public finance budget

However, you should know that according to socio-professional categories, the optimism of the French is variable. The highest socio-professional classes are the most optimistic. The working classes when they remain more cautious. Without forgetting to take into account that out of sixty-one percent of hedonists, there are six percent of them who are convinced of a relatively slow economic recovery.

The French dubious about the fall in unemployment

As underlined in the aforementioned paragraph, just over a third of French people are pessimistic about the drop in unemployment in the near future. So it is nearly two thirds of French people who are convinced that unemployment will drop much later in time.

The vision of the president who believes to obtain results fairly quickly, that is to say from a year and a half to two years, differs from that of public opinion.

It emerges in order of priority of action for this year two thousand and eighteen, that the French rank in first position unemployment with forty nine percent and the fight against terrorism with forty three percent. Then follows the development of the economy, as well as social protection and security.

Source: Elabe (Studies & Polls) and les Echos

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