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Real estate investment: easier access to loans

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The economic situation remains favorable to investors who wish to borrow for a real estate investment. Whether in the context of the purchase of a primary residence, for a rental investment or even the acquisition of a second home, the average cost of a mortgage has never been so low.

No one knows when the trend will reverse. A fortiori, the offer of mortgage loans continues to develop . Real estate financing is now accessible to the greatest number to the happiness of the French.

Real estate investment: simplified procedures

A few years ago, the process of obtaining a home loan was long and tedious. In fact, before financing a real estate investment by borrowing, it was necessary to approach the banking establishments and constitute a complete file in paper format with many administrative elements (pay slips, account statements, tax notice, property tax…).

From now on, everything is much simpler for households who wish to finance their real estate investment project. On the one hand, the use of a mortgage broker has become more democratic . This main player in the mortgage market has for mission to establish all the steps to seek financing on behalf of the real estate investor. This is a significant time saver for households looking for real estate financing .

In return for a commission, the broker will take care of finding the best financing solution for your situation. For this, brokerage firms create partnerships with banking establishments. Borrowers who use their services therefore benefit from privileged conditions .

Record deadlines to obtain credit

Another important development in the field of financing research for real estate investment, the deadlines of banking institutions. Some banks even go so far as to guarantee an edition of the credit offer within 72 hours.

This is a major advance that allows investors to quickly position themselves on offers to purchase goods. As a reminder, once this offer has been received by the borrower, the latter must wait eleven days before returning the loan contract.

The Scrivener timeframe was put in place by the State to protect consumers and investors.

Loan buyback offer reserved for real estate investors

Many households feel that they cannot take advantage of the buying opportunities in the real estate market and the historically low rates. These are more particularly indebted households whose debt capacity is low or even non-existent. This situation should not be considered inevitable.

Indeed, thanks to the repurchase of credits, these indebted families have the possibility of setting out again on healthy bases and thus to be able again to carry out their patrimonial projects. Especially since the offer of credit redemptions has developed a lot in recent years!

To meet the needs of these indebted households who want to invest, certain banks specializing in the repurchase of credits have created an unprecedented offer. This refinancing offer gives the possibility to debtors who wish to restructure their debts and at the same time finance a real estate investment.

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