4 things to do in Franschhoek


Franschhoek has been on everyone’s lips lately. Since welcoming the very first World Sauvignon Competition outside of Europe for being one of the top places millionaires flock to, Franschhoek has a country charm with endless gems. Eating, drinking and sleeping are just some of the luxurious activities that travelers have the opportunity to do.

Here are some of our favorites:

City tram

Image: Franschhoek Wine Tram/Instagram

It is an experience not to be missed! The wine tram has become a popular choice for wine lovers looking to explore the myriad wine estates that stretch across the valley without having to find a “designated driver”. It offers a hop-on hop-off experience with multiple lines to choose from, each offering a unique wine and dining experience. It’s a fantastic way to explore the Cape Winelands and enjoy the beauty (and wines) that Franschhoek has to offer. There are affordable transfers to and from Cape Town if you fancy returning to the city.

Enjoy a stay with Pigcasso

Photo: Airbnb

Franschhoek exudes country charm and offers a I do not know what that you won’t find anywhere else in the Western Cape. Another thing you won’t find anywhere else in the Western Cape? The renowned artist known as Pigcasso. The famous painter pig has racked up thousands through his artistic talents and fans have the chance to not only watch this beloved artist in action, but also book a stay in the very place where he calls it home. farm shrine in Franschhoek is the perfect place to rest your weary head after a long day ditheringoffering a barn experience married to the luxury of a loft and starry skies.

be hit

Image: Smitten Cafe/Instagram

In addition to its rugged beauty, South Africa’s “French Corner” is the perfect place for Francophiles looking to soak up the French-inspired vibe without traveling too far. Nestled in a courtyard reminiscent of the cobbled streets of Paris, Ice coffee is one of Franschhoek’s most popular restaurants and foodies can’t seem to get enough! His. a mouth-watering place to refuel before heading out and exploring the rest of what this city has to offer. Sweet teeth beware! They have a range of decadent desserts that will make you giddy with delight – a must!

Farm-to-table dinner

Image: Babylonstoren/Instagram

Gardens, gardens, gardens! The award-winning estate has several gardens, including its famous “Healing Garden”. From wine tasting to luxurious accommodation to tasting organic vegetables produced on the farm, Babylonstoren is a slice of heaven in the heart of the Cape Winelands with plenty to offer those looking to indulge in its tranquility.

Bonus: Bastille Day

Bastille Franschhoek
Photo: Franschhoek Wine Valley/Facebook

After a two-year hiatus, Franschhoek’s popular Festival de la Bastille is back! Grab your favorite beret, the cheesiest French accent and your biggest glass of wine as you watch this sleepy town come to life. The main village road is ready to buzz with activity as local bands take to the streets and energize the festivities! Front and center are some of the best wines the valley has to offer – a great excuse to stock up on wine for the winter season.

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