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Back to school: tips for dealing with it without breaking the bank

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The summer holidays are coming to an end and in the process, it is essential to prepare for the start of the school year . Like every year, this event comes at a turning point.

Indeed, after summer holidays which are often costly, the start of the September 2015 school year is also associated with the payment of the first third tax. Consequently, families find it difficult to make ends meet even with the budget item planned.

Although refinancing by repurchase of credits is undoubtedly the most favorable solution when the budgetary situation becomes difficult, here are our ideas for a successful return to school at the best price with or without financial difficulties!

The boom in group purchasing

While the Family Union Conference (CSF) highlights an increase in the cost of the start of the school year by 3.37% compared to last year, solidarity and participatory methods are developing.

So, when others are jostling the “school supplies” department with their children, you can choose to buy together.

Your child's school is then responsible for carrying out shopping for you. The group purchase gives rise to an average reduction of 20% on the back-to-school invoice. Especially since it saves time and allows you to devote yourself to the family organization for the recovery. In addition, this method avoids all the temptations your children face in the store through brands and gadgets of all kinds. To benefit from this service, your child's school must offer this system. From the end of the school year, you can opt for this system and benefit from the economy of scale achieved by group purchases.

Online shopping and promotional offers

Many merchant websites offer slash prices all year round. Doing your back-to-school shopping online makes it easier to compare the different offers on the market and make the best choice from your home .

By this method, the gains made can be significant because you have access to international offers which are often cheap. The only condition is not to miss the preparation for the start of the new school year, to do it a little earlier given that the delivery time of supplies must be taken into account.

The sales sites between individuals are also a godsend.

These sites can allow you to find school or extracurricular material quality in very good condition and above all at low cost. In short, in order to limit the weight of the return to the family budget, several options are possible: wholesale purchases or online shopping. In addition to allowing you to reduce the bill for school purchases , it saves you a lot of hassle in supermarkets. If despite everything you want to feel before buying, know that the promotions will be even more important from the second week of September. It is therefore preferable to wait until the children have returned home while recycling the material that can still be used.

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