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The loan buyback is a financial solution for people who have one or more consumer loans and / or a mortgage already in progress. This financial solution allows already existing loans to be grouped into a single credit. The repurchase of credits allows the borrower to obtain a loan at a better rate , with a monthly payment adapted to his repayment capacity.

The goal of the brokerage firm Ficamont Finance Conseil is to offer its clients the best credit consolidation conditions, with a reduction in monthly loan payments of up to -60% .

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Credit repurchase with an intermediary in banking operations

The loan repurchase operation is carried out through the intervention of a credit repurchase broker . The latter is an Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services (IOBSP) and his role is to put two parties in touch: the bank (the lender) and the client (the borrower).

The consulting and financing firm Ficamont Finance is a loan repurchase broker specializing in carrying out loan restructuring banking operations .

The purpose of credit restructuring is to rebalance the budget balance of households that are in financial difficulty, or who simply wish to overhaul their loans, in order to reduce the monthly amount payable.

What is the mission of the loan repurchase broker?

The strength of the loan consolidation broker is based on his knowledge and analysis of credit redemption (RAC) and renegotiation of interest rates . Your Ficamont Finance Conseil broker is an experienced professional in finding mortgage restructuring and consumer credit consolidation solutions . His area of ​​expertise also includes the search for capital in order to build up a cash envelope. This type of loan can be constituted thanks to a total or partial overhaul of the sums in progress remaining due to the creditors with whom a loan contract has been taken out.

With his experience, your Ficamont Finance advisor has many qualities as a financial negotiator in credit consolidation . He is also the defender of his clients with institutions and loan consolidation organizations: he must favorably ensure their interests when submitting the request for reorganization of debit balances.

The profession of loan repurchase broker cannot be conceived without a rigorous and respected ethics towards the consumer . It is with attention that we strive to find the best grouped loan solution for our clients, whatever the profile and nature of the project (s) to be carried out.

Get a loan repurchase easily

Carrying out a loan buyback operation is technically complicated. You must have the support and sound advice of a true professional throughout the examination of the file, until the finalization of the financial transaction. The latter consists in paying off debts and claims in repayment, to each of the creditors.

The best method to obtain a loan buyback easily is to use a specialized brokerage firm. To obtain a refinancing by means of a consolidation of credits, your broker is a privileged interlocutor who manages all the formalities of the file from the beginning to the end of the study, in all confidentiality.

The Ficamont Finance credit consolidation broker is committed to supporting and informing you at each stage of your project, until its completion. He must ensure that your financing is the one that will be useful to you and best suited to your repayment capacity.

Better credit consolidation with Ficamont Finance Conseil

Calling on the brokerage services of Ficamont Finance to obtain a loan repurchase easily, it is also the guarantee to obtain the best financing conditions and the assurance of maximum financial performance throughout your loan contract. .

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information, for advice or to carry out a simulation of your loan consolidation project with the help of a specialist.

Your trusted broker Ficamont Finance Conseil is committed to offering you the best support throughout your loan consolidation operation , in order to obtain the best results for you and your budget .

This service is reserved and distributed exclusively to individuals.

Ficamont Finance, much more than a simple broker!


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