Mortgage loan repurchase

Real estate loan repurchase and consumption with mortgage

Consolidation of mortgage and consumer loans

The repurchase of credit adapts to the specificities of each household. For those who are responsible for both a mortgage and consumer loans , the consolidation of loans allows you to include or not the current mortgage. If the latter is included, it is easier to obtain a reduction in monthly credit payments.

The choice of whether or not to include the mortgage depends in part on the financial conditions (duration and rate) of the current mortgage, but also on the borrower's wish in terms of lower financial charges. This type of loan consolidation involves the collateral that constitutes the mortgage of a real estate property .

Who is the mortgage loan buyback for?

Only the owners of their main residence or the holders of real estate assets can claim the repurchase of mortgage credit .

One condition applies: it is essential that the market value (or market value) of the property makes it possible to cover the total amount of the mortgage repurchase and consumption (including any cash).

On the other hand, if the real estate is held in joint possession or in dismemberment, it is necessarily the approval of all the parties to put the good as security for the loan.

The bank takes real collateral for your property, which implies less risk taking for the establishment.

Mortgage loan repurchase - a more flexible option

Indeed, the association of a mortgage repurchase with a consumer loan repurchase constitutes a mortgage loan repurchase. The latter allows the bank additional leeway.

Unlike the simplerepurchase of consumer loans , for which the repayment period is limited to 12 years, the term of a mortgage and consumer loan with a mortgage can extend up to 360 months . As a result, the possibility of reducing the borrowing load that weighs on your budget is much greater when the mortgage is integrated into the loan consolidation operation.

Rachat de crédit immobilier

Conditions for repurchasing real estate loans and consumption with mortgage

The repurchase of real estate and consumer credit being backed by a reinforced repayment guarantee through the mortgage , it makes it possible to obtain better financial conditions. The bank that buys the mortgage loan takes less risk and as a result can offer you a more attractive interest rate than in the context of a simple consumer loan buyback.

By limiting the annual financial cost (i.e. the amount of interest), again this operation gives rise to additional leeway to reduce the monthly borrowing charge and thus free up greater disposable income .

Mortgage registration

When talking about a mortgage loan, the intervention of the notary is essential.

The notary will manage the land registration for the guarantee. You will be accompanied by your Ficamont Finance broker to take the necessary steps with confidence . Your loan repurchase broker gets in touch with the notary upstream. The mortgage is effective throughout the loan. At maturity or in the event of early repayment, it is automatically canceled after one year.

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