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Credit secured by a mortgage

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Do you own a property and are you looking for cash to finance your project (s)?

Ficamont Finance offers you the solution to your problem thanks to the mortgage loan dedicated to owners to free up the necessary cash envelope.

New: The mortgage loan

The mortgage loan is an unallocated amortizing credit , but justified and backed by a mortgage.

Customers are employees and retirees receiving one or more pension (s). The borrower should not be of crediphile profile or if he is, his credit consumption should be low. The loan start age must be a minimum of twenty-five years for the borrower and twenty-one years for the co-borrower (if there is one) and a maximum of seventy-four years and six months for both debtors. The end of the loan age is 80 years maximum.

What can we combine with mortgage credit?

The use of funds can be for personal purposes, such as the financing of interior equipment for home improvement or the financing of an investment (excluding real estate), or even to finance a trip for your holidays ... but also for family finances such as the payment of university studies or a marriage, or for the payment of inheritance and gift taxes ...

By choosing to use mortgage credit, Ficamont Finance can include in the financing plan up to 15% of depreciable consumer loans (excluding mortgage loans).

Exclusions from mortgage financing

The use of the money cannot be intended to buy a car or to pay off a tax debt, or to finance the launch of a professional activity and a new project of work of a consumer nature under seventy-five. thousand us dollars, but also is not in the field of action of the loan with mortgage, the real estate investment of any kind ( repurchase of balance ) ...

The bank account statements files that are the subject of writings whose title justifies a withdrawal of the nature Notice to Third Party Holder regularized or not, or of a consumer or real estate loan managed by the litigation department of the creditor, or further payment delays or financial incidents, whether regularized or not, will be outside the acceptance criteria.

In the same way that a customer registered in the file of incidents of repayment of loans to individuals (FICP) or having a Neiertz file in the process of reimbursement at Bank One (BDF) will be refused the mortgage loan for "financial management of the customer. out of frame ”.

Any individual holder of outstanding revolving credit or outstanding credit redemption loan cannot claim to be eligible for the mortgage loan.

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