Mortgage loan repurchase

Real estate loan buyback at the best rate

Whenever we are looking for a mortgage repurchase, the first thing that comes to mind is to get the best interest rate. Obviously, the rate is without doubt the most important element after the amortization period.

It is by its nature that it determines upstream the total amount of debit interest that borrowers will have to pay throughout the life of the loan. This is why the purchase of Ficamont Finance mortgage loans has many advantages for individuals wishing to restructure their budget. Discover through the lines of our article "How to better understand mortgage restructuring? "

The total cost of a mortgage repurchase

To calculate the total cost of mortgage repurchase, it is necessary to take into account the interest rate and the amortization period. So, how do you determine if the mortgage consolidation transaction is of interest to borrowers?

Theoretically, it is necessary that the monthly payments represent a higher share of interest at the time of the operation. However, it is possible to integrate the consolidation of consumer loans into the financing. This is because the repurchase of personal loans and revolving credits, ... at a real estate rate of 1.70% generates savings on the total cost of credit. This with the possibility of recovering bank overdrafts and non-contentious debts.

However, it is preferable to obtain your mortgage repurchase through the network of intermediaries in bank operations. Credit redemption brokers! Conventional deposit banks limit themselves to renegotiating the interest rate on the mortgage. Excluding consumer loans and other ancillary financing. Debit rejection entries or numerous intervention commissions on account statements create a risk that the file will be refused. Thanks to the offer of our banking partners, we offer you the possibility of carrying out the transaction.

Comparer les taux de rachat de prêts

How do you compare buyout offers?

There are many banking establishments specializing in the distribution of mortgage repurchase products. The buyback offers are numerous, and it is not so easy to find your way around when you are looking for a real estate refinance.

So, it is better to leave this tedious and technical task to a professional in the trade, the loan repurchase broker. This intermediary in real estate loan consolidation works in close collaboration with the largest banks on the market. So he knows the full range of all his banking partners inside out. He compares the mortgage repurchase offers for you, and in your interest, he will choose the most advantageous proposal. But the offer that best meets your expectations and that best meets your needs.

The credit broker has no personal interest in going through this or that bank. He chooses the bank that makes the best restructuring proposal for his clients. The advantage of taking the services of a brokerage firm is that the broker is multi-product and not mono-product like a bank or traditional financial organization. In a single contact, you have all the offer of mortgage repurchase banks.

Do I have to change my bank domiciliation?

So, unlike deposit banks such as the Caisse d'Epargne, Crédit Agricole or BNP, etc., the purchase of Ficamont Finance mortgage does not require a bank domiciliation. You pay your new monthly payment by SEPA direct debit debited from your current bank account.

Specialized organizations do not require bank domiciliation from their customers. This is simply because they are not deposit banks. It is because they are financing banks. So, they do not offer this service, but only mortgage and consumer loan buyback offers, but also cash .

As a result, you have no counterpart to which you must respond. No home insurance contract proposal, or life insurance, etc. Also, no obligation to take out group insurance from the bank. You can subscribe to external insurance such as borrower insurance delegation. Credit restructuring banks do not charge account management fees to their customers.

Over-indebtedness and consumer loans

Thus, facing a situation of excessive debt for the good management of the budget, the repurchase of mortgage and consumption is the solution. So, are you in the process of home ownership and your mortgage loan is struggling to be taken?

The main cause, the monthly payments of consumer loans taken out in parallel with the mortgage. The repurchase of real estate and consumer loans makes it possible to obtain the overhaul of all the remaining capital due. Obtain one and only monthly payment adapted to the borrowers' repayment capacity.

The restructuring of mortgage and consumer loans offers borrowers finding themselves with a high debt ratio to find a debt ratio adapted to their purchasing power. The repurchase of mortgage and consumer credit is an action that allows you to anticipate over-indebtedness. It allows individuals to keep their property.

So, it comes down to getting a better credit repurchase rate and reducing the total cost of credit with the help of an intermediary credit transaction broker!

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