A brand new French restaurant opens in Cork City, offering delicious tacos with a twist


A new restaurant has opened in Cork City this weekend with an incredible menu of revisited French dishes.

Crème French on MacCurtain Street sells its signature dish – a French taco.

And what is a French taco? Well, it’s very similar to a regular old taco – but in French.

French tacos, also known as tacos lyonnais, are made from a wheat tortilla that is toasted and folded around your own fillings, including fries, cold meats, vegetables and lots of delicious cheeses French.

At Crème French, diners choose the size of their French taco – Small, Large or Tres Large.

Then you can choose from a huge range of sauces, meats, cheeses and add a few extras for a flavorful kick.

Beautiful Lyonnaise taco with French cream

In addition to ketchup and mayonnaise, sauces at the MacCurtain Street spot include Algerian, Black Pepper, or Mystery Sauce of the Month.

When it comes to protein toppings, you have a range of meats to choose from.

From chicken goujons to lamb sausages and even halloumi or falafel vegetable options.

Add your vegetables, cheeses or some extra meats and it’s then grilled producing a perfect French taco.

They have sides, special fries, a “side of the month” and even delicious French desserts to choose from to make it a meal deal.

Crème French opened for the first time on Sunday evening and owner Hassan said his customers were very happy with their bespoke French tacos.

You can consult the Facebook page of Crème French hereor pop into their MacCurtain Street spot from 6-11pm for a taco with a twist.


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