Arrogant French president beaten up for inappropriate language


First and foremost, vaccines are good for the vast majority, except some people, on the whole.

The constant need for boosters of them, however, must have more science behind it to move forward. With regard to any other vaccine previously released in the history of medical science, have they ever needed repeated boosters to get new drugs into the systems with such frequent frequency, number five, six, seven, etc. – or where does it end – eight, nine, ten etc.

This is for the competent medical authorities to decide.

We don’t know anything.

One thing is clear, however.

Certainly the rift they seem to have caused and the hilarious and unnecessary fear in some humans is humorous yet sad.

Small quarrels and unnecessary quarrels.

There don’t seem to be many “adults” in some of the wealthier countries among the Western “rulers” anymore.

It is certain that this fool of France from below is just fighting a fight that he cannot win in terms of using this language against his own people, no less.

Some of the language and reporting on things from this little French numptie isn’t going to help matters in an already hot European project or anything:

“Is this guy really a president?”

The reaction was, to say the least, dismal and brutal on the part of the population.

Typical of some arrogant French people.

Lots of good French too, of course. For sure.

In boxing terms, this guy is surely knocked out by now.

What a foolish way for a “leader” or “president” to incite such divisions and unrest among his own country.

You think it shows kindness and brings the people of France together in the world situation.

You think this type of language as a “leader” will help your economy or your old man “European army”.

Shut your mouth.

Help your country a little more by bringing them together with less conflicting foods on the fire of this type of language.

Or stick to old grapes and cheese.


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