BEL to export 3D naval radar internationally, official says


Officials from Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) said international customers were on its list for exporting the RAWL-03 L-band 3D aerial surveillance radar manufactured by the public sector defense company (PSU).

“This is a cost effective long range aerial surveillance radar, perfect for the early detection and tracking of aerial and surface targets, thus enabling fire control systems to be engaged to neutralize targets. We also want to market it in foreign countries and talks are underway. The RAWL-03 is available in naval and land configurations. We have presented him to the Indian Navy and the induction process is underway. In 2018, we co-developed the radar with Swedish aerospace and defense company Saab, ”said a senior BEL official.

While it was not revealed which countries have expressed interest in the radar, the official said international customers include France, Germany, UK, Canada, Sweden and developing markets of ‘Africa and South America.

The radar has an instrumentation range of 400 kilometers. “We can detect all kinds of aerial targets, including missiles, helicopters and planes up to 400 kilometers. The radar provides three-dimensional target data as well as Doppler data. The advantage of 3D radar over 2D radar is its estimation of target height in addition to direction and range. We started working on this radar in 2015 and it took almost two years to get it done. It weighs around 4 tonnes and incorporates the latest signal processing techniques, ”he added.

The RAWL-03 antenna is compact and can be installed on wheeled vehicles and ships.

BEL has also developed a surface surveillance radar for the detection and monitoring of marine and aerial targets.


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