Boldness and creativity put São Paulo on the international cheese map – 01/18/2022 – Company


The State of São Paulo has never been recognized for its cheese tradition. It is not a culture transmitted from parents to children, as in Minas Gerais. Because it is precisely this particularity that is at the origin of the notoriety that the cheese makers of São Paulo have conquered inside and outside Brazil. As this is a recent movement, no more than ten years old, the cheesemakers here have audacity and creativity in common.

Without the strings attached to old recipes, they constantly invent and come up with innovations that have impressed even the homeland of cheese. In the last edition of the World Cheese and Dairy Products competition, held in France in September 2021, six producers from São Paulo returned home with 15 medals, including a Super Gold, the most coveted of them. “Since we have no legislation to follow or cultural code that holds us back, we have total freedom. And we are completely crazy, laughs Heloísa Collins, from Capril do Bosque, a cheese dairy specializing in goat cheese. She returns from France with a silver medal for Dolce Bosco, a blue goat’s cheese inspired by Italian dolce gorgonzola.In the brand’s online store, the 200-gram unit costs R$49.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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