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Mr Beaune, a known close associate of French President Emmanuel Macron, continued to launch several scathing attacks against Britain. The Brexit critic has repeatedly claimed that the UK is now in a much worse situation following its exit from the EU. It has also sparked several explosions against the UK government as the feud over licensing French small fishing vessels to operate in UK territorial waters erupts.

But the French minister for Europe took another huge blow against Brexit Brtiain, questioning its success and saying there are “more economic hardships and shortages than anywhere else in Europe”.

Mr Baune also claimed that the “British technique” of hitting France and the EU “aims to mask Britain’s failures”.

The Brexit critic posted on Twitter a video of an interview he conducted with the French news channel La Chaîne Info (LCI).

He tweeted alongside it: “Brexit, what a success? In the UK there are more economic hardships and shortages than anywhere else in Europe.

“The British technique of hitting France and the EU aims to mask the failures of Brexit.”

But the comments sparked a furious backlash from a leader Frexiteer, who once again renewed his campaign for France to leave the EU.

Generation Frexit president Charles-Henri Gallois tweeted his response to his 19.3,000 followers, stating: “The #Brexit, salary increases of 8.8%.

“We would like such success in France.

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The company has been at the center of a bitter row with Dutch authorities over the country’s 15% withholding tax on dividends on some of its shares, making them less attractive to investors.

The new single structure with all UK-registered shares means none of its shares would be subject to this tax and will also allow the oil giant to quickly complete sale and acquisition agreements.

Frexit activist Mr Welsh, listing the four main areas Project Fear was wrong, told “I think Britain was right to leave since day one.

“It shows that Project Fear was wrong about everything. Wrong about unemployment, wrong about growth, wrong about investments, wrong about the value of the pound.

“In fact, if you look at the IMF forecast, the UK will do better than the Eurozone.”

Earlier this year, consumer goods giant Unilever announced it would abandon its Anglo-Dutch corporate structure in favor of setting up a UK company, adding that the move would give it “greater strategic flexibility ”.

Mr Gallois added: “Unilever and Shell are quite special as they came from the Netherlands and the UK. They chose the UK.

“I don’t see a French or German company moving their headquarters to the UK.

“But it shows attractiveness and the post-Brexit UK.

“You no longer have to bind to EU rules. Maybe more US and Asian companies will choose the UK to host their European hub because you have a good trade deal with the EU. . “


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