Cars registered in the UK now need a “UK” license plate sticker in France


As of today (September 29), people driving UK registered cars in France must now have a ‘UK’ sticker on their car instead of previous ones that said ‘GB’.

Contrary to some reports in the British press today, this is not imposed by the EU or the United Nations, but is due to a decision by the British government.

Earlier this year, the UK informed the UN that it was changing its “national signifier” from GB to the UK.

The reason has not been clarified, but the automotive organization RAC believes it is done in “solidarity” with Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, but not technically in “Great Britain”, which is part of the UK. refers to the Isle of Scotland, England. and Wales.

Until this year, UK license plates displayed a GB symbol under the stars of the EU. Since the end of the Brexit transition period in January, the UK has issued license plates which instead show GB with the Union flag.

Until today, the post-Brexit rule for traveling within the EU, including France, was that if you had an older plate with EU stars, or any plate other than the one showing the flag Union, you also had to display a GB sticker on the car when using it in France.

This has now changed due to the UK’s decision to drop “GB” in favor of “UK”.

There is no obligation to change your license plate, but you must now display a “UK” sticker, which can be obtained online and in post offices and garages for around € 1.50.

The UK Department for Transport confirms this is a UK decision, saying the UK notified the UN depositary of international road traffic conventions that the change would take effect from September 28.

Any potential penalties for non-compliance while traveling to France are unconfirmed, although auto accessories chain Halfords has said “drivers could be refused entry to certain countries” without the correct sticker. .

We are checking with the French authorities if this would be applied in France.

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