Covid jab made compulsory for sports stars in France


Rupture: Covid jab made compulsory for sports stars in France.

Rupture: Covid jab made compulsory for sports stars in France.

BREAKING NEWS – The Covid jab will be made compulsory for sports stars in France after an announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Under the new Covid rules, which take effect from January 15, full double vaccinations will be mandatory for professional sports stars in the country.

Currently, professional and amateur athletes in France must present a Covid passport to enter stadiums and participate in matches – which they can obtain by being doubly vaccinated or through a negative test – however, under the new Covid rules proposed by the President Macron. , this last option will be removed in favor of a single vaccination passport.

This new rule now threatens to affect sports teams visiting the country, with the best sports matches against UK teams potentially uncertain.

The new Covid rule means that non-French teams competing in France are now awaiting a decision on whether this will apply to them. A decision that will be taken “in the days”, according to the Daily mail.

The fate of some players from the England rugby team and Chelsea Football Club could be at stake, as the two have meetings planned in the country next year.

The England rugby team are set to face France in Paris in the 2022 Six Nations final round on March 19 and Chelsea are set to face Lille in Ligue 1 in the Champions League round of 16, with the second leg scheduled. which will be played in Lille on March 16.

An RFU spokesperson said: “We will always follow the government’s travel advice and we will continue to monitor the situation with regard to England’s Six Nations game in France.”

Speaking last week, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel insisted that people should have free choice and not force his players to get vaccinated.

“You know this is causing a problem,” Tuchel said.

“But it’s not that we all have unvaccinated infected people. We have vaccinated positive players. I don’t want to get involved in pointing fingers and hunting down unvaccinated people. It is a choice to make.

“We cannot force people to get vaccinated. I will not change my mind on this. And I’m not the type to comment on that. There are experts in this country, all over Europe. Ask them and ask me please about soccer.

In related news, many people on social media believe the Covid coup is causing footballers and sports stars to collapse. EWN is examining a possible link, which you can read here.

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