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PARIS – European countries are preparing to take action to pressure the UK to comply with the Brexit deal, according to French Minister for Europe Clément Beaune.

“That’s enough, we have an agreement negotiated by France, by Michel Barnier, which must be fully implemented. I discussed it with my European counterparts yesterday, we will take European or national measures to put pressure on the UK, ”Beaune said. noted on French radio Tuesday morning.

He gave two examples of possible actions: one targeting UK exports to France, and the other using European energy exports to the UK as leverage.

“The UK depends on our energy exports, they think they can live on their own while beating Europe and since that doesn’t work they are aggressively outbidding themselves,” Beaune said, calling Brexit “populism in action.”

Last week, the UK refused to grant fishing licenses to most French fishermen who requested them, angering French authorities. The fishermen are a sensitive constituency, courted by the two main challengers of French President Emmanuel Macron: the far-right leader Marine Le Pen and the main conservative candidate Xavier Bertrand, in view of the presidential election in April 2022.

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