French city launches Android-compatible NFC ticketing service


In Strasbourg, all Android phones equipped with near-field communication technology can use the service.

Owners of Android smartphones with near-field communication in their devices can use a new NFC ticketing service in Strasbourg to purchase, store and validate digital tickets and passes.

The service can be used throughout the French city for monthly or annual bus passes and other transportation.

The NFC ticketing service works for users of buses, trams and other forms of public transport in Strasbourg, France, including regional rail services. The system was put in place by the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTC), the city’s transit operator. With this system, passengers can use their smartphones to purchase tickets with their phones and use the device to be able to use public transport. The system also works with other compatible systems on other city networks.

This service represents the first use of the interoperable HCE Calypso (HCIA) application. This solution was developed by the Calypso Networks Association (CNA). It uses Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology to ensure transaction security, as well as CNA’s Hoplink platform to enable interoperability between all ticket offices based on Calypso systems.

The NFC ticketing service has been designed to provide passengers with comfort and safety.

“The solution enables transportation operators and authorities to deliver Calypso tickets using HCE technology on Android devices while maintaining robust Calypso security standards,” said a statement issued by the CNA. “The ticketing app also has the potential to work seamlessly on other Calypso systems around the world, with Calypso’s Hoplink app allowing customers to purchase and hold tickets for other city networks using the service, via their Android device. “

Using this technology, transport operators and authorities have the opportunity to expand the compatibility of their devices so that more customers have devices that will allow them to pay for their local trips.

The use of near-field communication allows the service to be used across a range of MaaS mobility options, the association said when reviewing the new NFC ticketing system. “Significantly, passengers with Android phones can now also top up or top up their Calypso-based transport cards, further facilitating payment and use of public transport, while minimizing physical contact,” a- he added.


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