French connection: Reminder of over 300 years of scientific links with India | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: From visual analysis to geographic research, the French have an old link with the city in terms of scientific alliances. From now on, an Indo-French scientific partnership project of the French Embassy in India plans to document these scientific collaborations between the two countries.
Two French scientists – Luc de Golbery and Anne Chhapuis – had previously worked extensively with the former government of Andhra Pradesh on various projects. “They conducted first-generation data-driven documentation during the tenure of then PA chief minister NT Rama Rao. The French connection in visual analysis was very strong in Hyderabad, ”said Pranav Sharma, curator of the Indo-French scientific partnership project, fully funded by the French Embassy in India.

The work of the two French scientists included a visual tool to monitor the infrastructure, performance, building and location of the school, as well as the development of visual dashboards for the watershed program, among others. Not only that, French scientists have also worked in space science.
“Earth observations were carried out via the National Center for Remote Sensing, then known as the National Remote Sensing Agency, in collaboration with French scientists. There were other links with the defense research and development laboratory, nuclear fuel complex, etc. Said Shar Ma.
To systematically document many such alliances, the Indo-French scientific partnership project now plans to revisit and re-examine the scientific history of India and France. The focus would be on themes such as astronomy, space science, aviation, visual analysis, medicine, epidemiology, etc., where the two countries collaborated, especially after the India gained independence from British rule.
“The idea is to document 300 to 400 years of active scientific partnership between India and France. We would write blogs, produce a book, organize exhibitions and a planetarium in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru as part of this project, ”said Sharma.


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