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Former England captain Gill Coultard recounts Sky Sports News’ Leading the Lionesses series on his journey as a former captain with the Women of England – from starting a footballing career at a young age to revealing how the game has evolved from his days to today.

Coultard joined Doncaster Belles aged 13 – after being told she couldn’t play high school football – and got her first England call-up aged 18.

“Joining Doncaster Belles was scary, when you think you’re 13 and taking part in a trial where the women were twice your age and much older,” she said. Sky Sports News.

“For the first two years I was just working my way and trying to figure it all out. I was wondering if this was for me and if I wanted to continue because at 15 and 16 a lot of things happen in your life . . But I just thought no, I want to play football and I want to play professional.”

Coultard became England captain in 1991 and said: “I was told I was going to be made captain which was great. For anyone who captains England let it be winks , regardless, you lead your nation into battle.

“I found it surreal. It’s one of the greatest accolades a player can have.”

She also achieved 119 international caps during her football career, becoming the first woman to reach 100 caps as an amateur in football history.

Gillian Coultard shows off some of the memorabilia from her football career

Asked if she felt a sense of pride in her achievements, she said: “Certainly. I’m a trailblazer and there are trailblazers before me who played for England, like Pat Chapman.

“We all have to start somewhere, and unfortunately everyone says to me, ‘Your time was a little too soon.’ But I paved the way for someone else. My era was something special.”

Leading the Lionesses from 1991 to 2000, Coultard explained his leadership style during those years.

She said: “Really encouraging the players. You’ll always have someone having a bad game and it’s up to you to make sure you try to get back into the game.

“I’d like to think I played like I talked about the game and give one hundred and ten percent.”

Coultard also revealed some of his highlights as England skipper, explaining: “Leading the team. Having that responsibility and being one of the women who led your country.

Gillian Coultard has offered her advice to current England Women's captain Leah Williamson
Gillian Coultard has offered her advice to current England Women’s captain Leah Williamson

“The role of England captain has changed over the years from Sheila Parker to Leah Williamson. I think they’re a lot more active now and that’s because they spend a lot more time together as as a team of players.

“But I think Williamson has the same characteristics as me.”

She also believes there have been ‘massive’ changes in women’s football from Coultard’s days to the present day.

“Everything changed,” she said. “It was great when we were taken over by the FA in 1995. It was fantastic. We thought, that’s it, the world is going to be our oyster now.

“It was a case of 10 to 15 years later when you could see the level and development of football changing.”

While the landscape of women’s football has changed over the years, Coultard says she wouldn’t mind captaining the modern England team.

“I have to say yes, of course you did,” she added. “Anyone you talk to would say their time is the best. But if I could put the boots back on, yes of course I would.”

She also revealed her advice to Williamson ahead of the Euros.

“It’s a huge home tournament. There’s added responsibility and pressure. It’s no different to the Men’s Euro. The nation is going to be behind you.

“I just want you to go out there and enjoy the responsibility because it might never happen again.”

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Euro 2022: The groups…

Group A: England, Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland

Group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland

Group C: Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland

Group D: France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland

Euro 2022: The schedule…

Group stage

Wednesday July 6

Group A: England v Austria – Kick off 8pm, Old Trafford

Thursday July 7

Group A: Norway v Northern Ireland – kick off 8pm, St Mary’s

Friday July 8

Group B: Spain v Finland – Kick off 5.00pm, Stadium MK

Group B: Germany v Denmark – Kick off 8pm, London Community Stadium

Saturday July 9

Group C: Portugal vs Switzerland – kick off 5pm, Leigh Sports Village

Group C: Netherlands v Sweden – kick off 8pm, Bramall Lane

Sunday July 10

Group D: Belgium v ​​Iceland – Kick off 5.00pm, Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France vs Italy – kick-off 8pm, New York Stadium

Monday July 11

Group A: Austria v Northern Ireland – kick off 5pm, St Mary’s

Group A: England v Norway – kick off 8pm, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

tuesday july 12

Group B: Denmark v Finland – Kick off 5.00pm, Stadium MK

Group B: Germany v Spain – Kick off 8pm, London Community Stadium

Wednesday July 13

Group C: Sweden v Switzerland – kick off 5pm, Bramall Lane

Group C: Netherlands-Portugal – kick-off 8pm, Leigh Sports Village

Thursday July 14

Group D: Italy v Iceland – Kick off 5pm, Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France vs Belgium – kick-off 8pm, New York Stadium

friday july 15

Group A: Northern Ireland v England – kick off 8pm St Mary’s

Group A: Austria v Norway – Kick off 8pm, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Saturday July 16

Group B: Finland v Germany – Kick-off 8pm, Stadium MK

Group B: Denmark v Spain – Kick off 8pm, London Community Stadium

Sunday July 17

Group C: Switzerland vs Netherlands – kick off 5pm, Bramall Lane

Group C: Sweden v Portugal – kick off 5pm, Leigh Sports Village

Monday July 18

Group D: Iceland vs France – kick-off 8pm, New York Stadium

Group D: Italy v Belgium – Kick off 8pm, Manchester City Academy Stadium

Knockout stage


Wednesday July 20

Quarter-final 1: Winners Group A v Runners-up Group B – kick off 8pm, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Thursday July 21

Quarter-Final 2: Group B Winners v Group A Runners-up 8pm, London Community Stadium

friday july 22

Quarter-final 3: Winners Group C v Runners-up Group D – kick-off 8pm, Leigh Sports Village

Quarter-Final 4: Winners Group D v Runners-up Group C – kick-off 8pm, New York Stadium


tuesday july 26

Semi-Final 1: Quarter-Final Winners 1 v Quarter-Final Winners 3 – Kick-off 8pm, Bramall Lane

Wednesday July 27

Semi-Final 2: Winner Quarter-Final 2 v Winner Quarter-Final 4 – Kick-off 8pm, Stadium MK


Sunday July 31

Winners Semi-Final 1 v Winners Semi-Final 2 – Kick-off 5pm, Wembley


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