Liz Truss gives France 48 hours to back down in fishing


Foreign Minister Liz Truss has given France 48 hours to reconsider its threats against the UK over fisheries, before the UK takes legal action.

Truss accused France of making “utterly unreasonable threats” and of behaving “unfairly” in an interview with Sky News, which first reported the news, at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

The UK would “absolutely” take legal action if France did not back down from threats in the next 48 hours, Truss told Sky News.

The news is the latest development in a fishing dispute between the two countries following Brexit.

France has threatened the UK to ban fishing vessels in some of its ports and to tighten customs controls on trucks carrying British goods from Tuesday, if more fishing licenses are not granted by the United Kingdom to French boats to fish in British waters.

The UK has warned that the threats violate the post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement the country has filed with the European Union.

The foreign minister, who suggested that next year’s French presidential election could be a reason for Emmanuel Macron’s stern stance, added that the UK and France could “both benefit from greater exchanges, working together on issues such as security and defense. “

France threatens retaliation as post-Brexit fishing line deepens


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