Olympic Fashion at Opening Ceremony – NBC Chicago


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Natasha Pisarenko/AP

The whole world is a stage for Italy at the Winter Games as their athletes wear their pride on their sleeves – literally! Athletes wore hooded capes made in the color of the national flag during the Parade of Nations in Beijing.


David J. Phillip/AP

Not to be outdone by Italy, French athletes sported winter jackets designed to resemble the French flag during the Parade of Nations.


David J. Phillip/AP

Athletes from Team Great Britain opted for a bit more subtlety, instead wearing the Union Jack as their sweater.


Jae C. Hong/AP

Enkhtuul Ariunsanaa and Achbadrakh Batmunkh from Mongolia wore deels – traditional Mongolian tunics – to represent their country in the Parade of Nations.


Petr David Josek/AP

Team Columbia, including flag bearers Laura Gomez and Carlos Andres Quintana, chose to wear the Andean ruana during the Parade of Nations as a symbol of their national costume. If they look familiar, they should be – modern designers have adapted the ruana into four-cornered shawls seen on fashionistas and office workers during fall and winter.


Jae C. Hong/AP

New Zealand flag bearers Finn Bilous and Alice Robinson wore traditional Maori coats as they entered the Parade of Nations in a nod to the country’s indigenous origins.


Ashley Landis/AP

Who wore it better? After Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua announced his absence from this year’s Olympics, luger Nathan Crumpton decided to follow tradition with his own lavalava – a Polynesian staple – representing American Samoa in Beijing.


Bernat Armangue/AP

Athletes from Team Mexico paid a modern tribute to their home country by wearing jackets themed around calaveras – sugar skulls. Sugar skulls are often seen during Day of the Dead festivities.


David J. Phillip/AP

Denmark opted for the subtle twist: Danish athletes flew the national flag as a mask for the parade of nations instead of becoming walking flags themselves. Convenient!


Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Team USA’s turn at the Opening Ceremony might be one of the subtlest yet: Athletes in the Opening Ceremony Nations Parade wore uniforms designed by American designer Ralph Lauren in the colors country officials. The design was inspired by NASA themes.


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