Online map shows which French cities could be submerged by the sea in the future


An interactive online map shows how the world could be affected by climate change and sea level rise over the coming centuries, with cities in France such as Calais, Dunkirk and Bordeaux, as well as the Côte d ‘ Azure in the southeast.

The map was created by Climate Central, a news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science. It is based on peer-reviewed scientific papers and uses large data sets to create the projections.

It offers various options for assessing the impact of climate change, including the ability to see how water levels will rise if global temperatures are kept at an increase of only 1.5 ° C from pre-industrial levels, compared to a increase of 4 ° C.

You can consult the interactive map here.

The 2015 Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty to which France is a signatory, set the goal of limiting global warming to 2C, and preferably 1.5C, above pre-industrial levels.

Climate Central’s map shows that several neighborhoods in Bordeaux fall below sea level if temperatures rise 3 ° C above pre-industrial levels. Place des Quinconces, for example, would be almost entirely submerged.

Further south, Anglet (New Aquitaine) would also be partly submerged, the Cavaliers beach falling under water.

The French Riviera would also be hit hard, with water all over the Sainte-Reparate cathedral district in Nice and the city‘s airport completely submerged, whether the temperature rises one or four degrees.

Other popular cities in the region, such as Cannes and Antibes and the Principality of Monaco will also be impacted by rising sea levels.

To the north, almost all of Calais and Dunkirk will fall under the sea even with temperatures rising only 1.5 ° C from pre-industrial levels.

The timeframe for which these dramatic changes could take place remains vague, with Climate Central saying that “various research indicates that these sea levels could be reached between 200 and 2,000 years.”

Benjamin Strauss, President and CEO of Climate Central, recently co-authored an article titled “Unprecedented Threats to Cities from Centuries-old Sea Level Rise”.

He said if the earth warms by half a degree more, 200 million more people around the world will be affected by the floods, with Asia the worst affected.

“The current concentration of CO2 is more than 50% higher than it was in 1800, and the Earth’s average temperature has increased by 1.1 ° C.”

“That’s enough to raise the sea level by almost two meters, whether it takes two centuries or ten centuries,” he said.

The Climate Central map also allows users to see how countries will be affected by changes in sea level. For example, a two-meter rise in sea level would see large samples of the west coast underwater. France around La Rochelle.

Mr Strauss’ new paper, published as an accepted manuscript on October 11, comes just ahead of COP26, the United Nations climate change conference, to be held in Glasgow (UK) from October 31 to November 12. .

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