Paris remains the most expensive French city for university students


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Paris and nine other university cities in the central Ile de France region remain the most expensive places to study in France, where the cost of living has increased 2.5% for students this year.

The student union Unef published its annual report on university towns in France on August 18, ahead of the start of the September school year.

The conclusions of this study published Wednesday on the France Info site show that the cost of living increased by 2.5% for French students in 2021.

Many students have not been able to find part-time jobs and are unwilling to rely on financial support from parents, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

This increase is due in particular to the increase in the price of public transport (+ 0.97% on average), but also to the drop in direct public aid to students in recent years.

The most expensive university towns in the Paris region

Paris remains the most expensive place of study in France, according to the 2021 ranking established by the UNEF.

A student in the French capital spends on average 1,277 euros each month, more than in Nanterre (1,171 euros), Créteil (1,134 euros) or Saint-Denis (1,098 euros).

Nine of the ten most expensive university towns in France are in the Ile de France region surrounding Paris.

Outside the Paris region, the most expensive city is Nice (€ 1,065), followed by Lyon (€ 1,036) and Bordeaux (€ 1,010).

Saint-Étienne, Poitiers and Limoges are the most affordable cities to settle down and pursue higher education, with an average monthly cost of living of 800 euros.

Rents down 4% in Paris

Accommodation remains the main expenditure for students, with an average cost of 500 euros per month in the regions and 674 euros in Ile-de-France, according to Fage (Federation of general student associations), another French student union.

The capital is well ahead of other university towns, even if it should be noted that, according to UNEF, the rent control system put in place in July 2019 in Paris has led to a drop of nearly 4% in rents in Paris. by 2021.

Overall, rents remained stable at the national level in 2021, with an increase of 0.03% unlike public transport for which the average annual subscription increased by one percentage point.

The UNEF is now asking for a 20% increase in all grants, their extension to 100,000 additional students and the repeal of the reform of personalized housing assistance.


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