Peugeot 108, farewell to the little French. The city car leaves the price list


The Peugeot 108 is retiring. The little city leaves the Italian price lists of the French brand where it has sold 50,000 units in our country since its launch in 2014. The announcement is not surprising since Citroën recently announced that it was withdrawing the small C1 which shares the same base as the Peugeot 108. After all, A-segment cars today no longer have any appeal and are no longer profitable for car manufacturers. Only a few manufacturers, including Toyota, continue to invest in these vehicles.

The little French he will have no successor. From now on, the entry-level model of the French manufacturer will be the Peugeot 208, a B-segment car also offered in a 100% electric version.

The small city car of Casa del Leone arrived in 2014 replacing the Peugeot 107, becoming the new entry-level model. A “great debut” since it made its debut as an official X-Factor car in the edition of the same year. This car was offered to customers with wide customization possibilities. A characteristic that has always distinguished it to the end, making it the most customizable model (up to 5,000 different combinations) from the French manufacturer.

It could be ordered in 3- and 5-door versions. In addition, among the many variants that have been made available over time, also the Collection, with a canvas roof covering the entire roof surface. Times, however, are changing. The A segment is of less and less interest to manufacturers and customers, and electrification is progressing. The little 108 must therefore give way to more modern models, which are more attractive to customers and which can also count on electrified options.


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