The beach club loved by millennials trying to attract middle-aged people like me


People-watching paradise

The center stage is the pool, with the DJ rig at one end and large daybeds for the lucky few – I’m one – on either side. It’s a poser’s paradise and turned out to be a perfect place to watch wealthy people while pretending to read my book, as the DJ played “chill-out” tunes, gradually increasing the tempo as they went. as the afternoon wore on and perfectly tanned young jet-setters began to congregate and wiggle. Among them were real models strutting around in beachwear available at the on-site boutique, stopping to strike a pose every few minutes. Spectacularly not my scene but hugely entertaining.

The main dining room, shaded by the umbrella pines that grow between the large round farmhouse tables, actually seems to draw a multi-generational crowd (“I saw a grandmother, a son, and a grandson all dancing together on a table last summer”, Lucia told me with pleasure). Beyond the pool, in the large, leafy garden, cushioned sofas and rows of lounge chairs sit among towering palms and tropical plants.

Patrons are served by a fleet of friendly, handsome young men in flowing white palazzo pants, who weave between beds, restocking towels, polishing sunglasses, filling champagne glasses and dropping off the most extraordinary dishes (from a fresh and delicious Sexy Salad, stacked with lobster, shrimp, crabmeat, avocado, mango and cucumber; to the most exquisite truffled tuna tartare), the latter element being crucial in the brand’s attempt to quietly break out of its hedonistic image.


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