The Consul General of France in Guangzhou led a delegation to visit Biosyngen at China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City


GUANGZHOU, ChinaJan. Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the afternoon of January 14, Mr. Sylvain FOURRIERE, Consul General of France in Canton, and agents of the consulates general of 9 countries including Britain, Canada and Switzerland visited Guangzhou Knowledge City China-Singapore and Singaporebased on Biosyngen Pte. (“Biosyngen”). Government officials from Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Bureau, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development District, Guangzhou China-Singapore Knowledge City Construction and Development Bureau and other officials accompanied the visit.

The delegation successively visited the planning office of the China-Singapore Knowledge City Guangzhou and the immune cell production base of Biosyngen. During the visit to the Guangzhou China-Singapore Knowledge City Planning Office, the consuls said that through the field visits, they had a better understanding of the context of national bilateral cooperation projects between China and Singapore, and were impressed by the knowledge city’s achievements in industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, ChinaSingapore cooperation, urban construction and other aspects under the guidance of China and Singapore. They were ready to drive China, France, and other countries to continuously tap the cooperation potential in more fields, expand cooperation and exchange platforms, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

In recent years, China-Singapore Knowledge City Guangzhou has benchmarked international standards, focusing on model innovation and emphasizing value creation. Many leading Fortune 500 companies have settled down and initially formed an industrial structure dominated by six major industries, such as biomedicine, smart manufacturing, new materials and new energy, with an obvious industrial agglomeration effect. It values ​​the particular role of the “first, leader and demonstrator” in the strategy of development through innovation, and becomes a new model of ChinaSingapore quality cooperation and development.

Subsequently, the delegation visited the company Biosyngen, located in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Nano Innovation Industrial Park, China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. Biosyngen is one of the first scientific research companies to settle in the China-Singapore Knowledge City Guangzhou. It has the largest industrialized production base of immune cell drugs in south china, mature and perfect production and quality system and cellular industrialization platform. At the same time, Biosyngen Bio-project is also a representative project of cooperation between China and Singapore in the field of biomedicine in the City of Knowledge, and a reference project for the development of the biomedical industry in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

While visiting the Biosyngen Immune Cell Production Base, the delegation was deeply impressed by the diversified facilities, standardized management and automated production process of the base. It is reported that the base is designed, built and managed according to GMP standard, and has the industry’s most advanced production automatic control equipment, which realizes automation, full closure and customization, and can quickly industrialize advanced technologies and achievements. of biological research and to provide safe, high quality and affordable innovative immune cell medicines for the majority of patients.

At the subsequent symposium, many consuls, Huangpu District government officials and Biosyngen representatives discussed the content of intellectual property, bio-health, talent department, etc. Staff from the Intellectual Property Office presented the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Biosyngen IP assistance and protection measures to the visiting delegation in detail. The visiting delegation also expressed hope to further deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the field of commercialization of intellectual property rights.

Sylvain FOURRIERE, Consul General of France in Canton, fully affirmed the efforts made by Knowledge City in promoting international exchanges and cooperation. He said the China-Singapore Knowledge City, a bilateral cooperation project at the national level, is favored by French companies. He hopes that with the strong support of China and France, the City of Knowledge would continue to make full use of its assets as well as the international cooperation platform, and to promote businesses in China, New Zealand, France and other countries to create a win-win situation.

The consuls of various countries also said that under the influence of the epidemic situation and the economic situation, international exchanges and cooperation will promote closer contact and understanding between countries, deepen mutual trust, mutual assistance and reciprocity, and will vigorously promote the speedy recovery of various businesses. Consuls of various countries in Canton will actively promote mutual aid and exchanges between their countries and China, compete in various fields, strengthen economic and cultural exchanges between the City of Knowledge and other countries, and jointly build a new platform for international cooperation.

Finally, on the occasion of the 2022 Spring Festival, the consuls and business managers of the Consulate General of France in Canton and other countries extended best wishes to Guangzhou Knowledge City China-Singapore and Biosyngen. They wish China and Singapore greater success and everlasting friendship between the countries.

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