Ukraine reports shelling outside Kyiv and fighting around Chernihiv; Focus on Gold and Brent Crude Oil Prices


If you’ve just joined, here’s a recap of today’s key events

• Although there are some signs of optimism in the peace talks held in Istanbul, Ukrainian and US officials have warned that Russia still poses a military threat to kyiv and other parts of Ukraine, reports the BBC

• Experts have expressed differing views on whether the talks can succeed, with some noting that they do not address the underlying causes of the conflict

• Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that while early signs of the talks were “positive”, they were not “drowning out” Russian shell explosions.

• EU and US officials have warned that only Russia’s actions, not words, can be judged and cautioned against Ukraine letting its guard down

• Even as the talks progressed, fighting continued to rage in Ukraine. As negotiators met in Turkey, a Russian strike on a government office in Mykolaiv killed at least 12 people

• Pentagon says US soldiers ‘liaise’ with Ukrainian troops in Poland, but don’t train them

• US and Ukrainian officials say Russia continues to reposition its forces away from kyiv, likely as part of an effort to refocus on breakaway regions in the east

• Despite this, heavy shelling was reported on the outskirts of the city

(With BBC inputs)


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