World | Temperature anomalies in 2021 – DG ECHO daily map | 02/11/2022 – World


Globally, January 2022 temperatures were 0.28°C warmer than the 1991-2020 average, becoming the sixth warmest January on record.

Temperatures were generally above average across Europe, from Germany to Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as across Scandinavia and northern UK and Ireland . In Oslo, Norway, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) measured 12.5°C, the highest maximum temperature measured in the city in January in recorded history. On the contrary, it was colder than average over most of France, northern and eastern Spain, southern Greece and Turkey.

Worldwide, temperatures were above average in most of Russia (particularly central and the Kamchatka Peninsula), Central, Far East and Southeast Asia. A new Australian temperature record of 50.7°C has been recorded at Onslow. Much of northwest, central and southwest Africa, as well as the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula recorded above average temperatures.

Record high temperatures were reported in Argentina and southern Brazil, while Central America, parts of the central and western United States, western Canada and western Greenland also experienced recorded above average temperatures.

Remarkably, colder than average temperatures occurred particularly in eastern Canada and the eastern United States. Large parts of North Africa, Southern Africa, Brazil, India, the Himalayas, southwest China and southern Australia also experienced colder temperatures than average.


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