Mortgage loan repurchase

Advantages of credit redemption

The repurchase of credits is the key to face the shortage of financial resources .

The advantage of reducing monthly borrowing costs allows you to free up more cash every month.

Credit redemption advantage

All the benefits of credit restructuring

  • By consolidating your credits, the overhaul of the remaining capital due facilitates and optimizes the good management of bank accounts, for the benefit of obtaining only one single monthly payment to be managed by SEPA direct debit .
  • It is good to know that banks specializing in loan repurchases are not part of the “deposit bank” family, they have many advantages for consumers. For example, doing a credit consolidation does not require changing banks . The operation does not result in the domiciliation of accounts.
  • A credit repurchase loan can be considered with a view to financing new projects (work, vehicle purchase, etc.). The advantage of including the cash envelope in the amount to be financed and thus kill two birds with one stone, i.e. having the benefit of obtaining the desired cash in a new pooled loan that is more practical to manage than several direct debits which can lead to financial incidents (rejection of direct debits and bank charges).
  • Credit restructuring undoubtedly lowers a borrower's personal debt ratio in order to allow him to save money again by building up savings. It is the result of a financial transaction that offers the borrower the advantage of regaining his savings capacity and of building up, through programmed savings, a comfortable cash flow to cope with the vagaries of life (exceptional expenses ) without resorting to consumer credit again.

Are there any drawbacks?

The consolidation of loans does not bring any inconvenience to a difficult financial situation after the repurchase transaction .

Although grouped credit financing consists of grouping several receivables over a longer repayment period, the expected effect of a single monthly payment to be managed, adapted to the repayment capacity of the borrower (s), is more of a an advantage rather than a disadvantage to good budget management.

More answers

When the idea of ​​wanting to proceed with a total or partial reunification of the debts and debts in progress comes, there is necessarily a questioning linked to the improvement of the family budget .

The answers can be found in the frequently asked questions on the repurchase of credits. This is a set of questions related to a problem for which the reasons can be varied, but all are associated with too much credit and purchasing power stifled by the accumulation of monthly payments. To learn more about credit redemption and credit consolidation, do not hesitate to also consult our guide to credit redemption .

You can also contact your Ficamont Finance credit consolidation broker directly to ask for advice on your particular situation .

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