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Ficamont Finance provides you with simple tools to provide you with a clear answer on the subject of loan redemption.

Amount of monthly payments

What monthly payment for my credit?

This is the amount to be paid every month to repay your credits (interest included).

You can reduce your monthly payments by increasing the repayment term (and vice versa).

Depreciation period

What is the amortization period?

This is the time needed to repay your credits (interest included).

You just have to choose the amount of your monthly payments, indicate the capital remaining to be repaid and the type of credits.

Important information

These tools allow you to provide you with information about your credits. The results are calculated on average interest rates provided by Bank One and are given as an indication and have no contractual value.

* Average nominal interest rate: 1.77% for a mortgage loan on 05/17/16, 4.38% for a consumer loan on 07/08/16, Source: Bank One

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