Mortgage loan repurchase

How does partial credit consolidation work?

When it comes to reviewing the management of your outstanding debts in payment to benefit from a new repayment plan adapted to your repayment capacity, is it possible to regroup only part of the credits?

If a credit and not taken back to proceed with a partial loan repurchase, then it must imperatively present an interest for the borrower, and it must not put in difficulty the good management of the new consolidated credit.

The partial credit consolidation

It is possible to carry out a partial credit consolidation by choosing to restructure only consumer loans and keep the mortgage if there is, or only part of, consumer credit (revolving credit, etc.) while retaining personal loans and works whose nature is depreciable at a fixed rate.

Wanting to keep a loan can come from the fact that its repayment end date is close, and that in this case, the repaid monthly payments are made up of a major part of capital, the interest having been paid at the start of amortization through previous deadlines.

So indeed, nothing justifies that the capital is restructured again and impacted by an interest rate at the total cost of the new loan to buy back credit .

But obviously, unless there is no other choice, that is to say, if the retained monthly payment exceeds the debt ratio accepted by the lending institution.

In conclusion, yes it is feasible to consolidate only part of your loans, and this is called a partial loan buyback , however the financial ratios of the customer files must meet the lender's eligibility standards, and it should be noted that certain types of receivables cannot be kept!

Partial loan buyback: the credits that can be kept

So the question of repurchasing credits is knowing how to recognize in which case and which situation is it decided that a loan can be kept by its debtor (s)?

Credits that can be kept :

  • Loans 1%
  • 0% loans
  • Loans backed by collateral
  • Personal loans if the interest rate on the buyback is less favorable
  • Personal loans if it is in the final phase of amortization (repayment of capital)
  • Mortgage loans
  • A rental with option to purchase (LOA)

To claim to be able to keep the monthly charge of a loan, it is necessary to be able to justify a real interest for the borrower (s).

For example, it is recommended to keep borrowings and loans whose current rate is more advantageous than that proposed for the restructuring operation, advising otherwise would be a failure to advise. You can also visit`s official website for more info.

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