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Real estate credit: interest rate hike started?

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Two years: this is the time that this bubble with historically low mortgage rates will have lasted. Started in December 2019, their increase was accentuated last May with the Covid-19 crisis. Coupled with low usury rates and the tightening of credit access conditions, this rise was logically accompanied by an increase in […]

Contactless payment: new possibilities

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The contactless payment method has gradually developed over the past ten years or so. If this system facilitates payments at merchants, it is now proving to be a real solution to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic we are facing. In this sense, French banks have chosen to increase the […]

The restructuring of Ficamont Finance loans

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The restructuring of loans by Ficamont Finance is an undisputed solution for improving and optimizing budget management. Managing the personal budget is a daily task that evolves according to the needs of the individual (s). Here is an overview of the advantages of restructuring Ficamont Finance loans on your finances! Credit restructuring and […]

Banking tariffs freeze in 2019: what impact for individuals?

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The uprising of social movements has undeniably marked the last weeks of the economic and political spheres in France. If their demands remain partially satisfied, the government is doing its best to revalue the purchasing power of French households. As proof, the final withdrawal of the carbon tax is a symbol for many […]

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